Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will let you know what we treat to your personal data that we collect whenever you visit our site. As you know the personal information is very important for everyone so you may know by visiting here how collect and save your data in a secure way. The data collected by this website is managed and saved by the owner of this site.

How we collect your Personal Data?

We always collect your personal data when you contact us via contact form or through email. Also, when you visit our site then your IP address, internet browser, time of the page browsing and operating system’s information is also collected by us. You’ve to know that the collection of this data is automatically done when you browse our website.

Data Protection

The operators of this website always take it very serious after collecting your personal information. Because you’re personal information is that which represents you. This privacy policy will show you what kind of information we collect how we keep it in security. But you also have to keep in mind that the complete security on internet is not possible because there are some gaps in security system that are still insecure.

SSL Encryption

This site uses SSL certificate for security reasons and to protect your personal information. It’s a best way to make your ‘content confidential when you visit this site. You can check the SSL Encryption by changing the browser from http:// to https://. You can see the lock sign at the beginning of URL.

Use of Cookies also uses cookies and web beacons to store the information. This is one of the best ways to provide the better services and content to their visitors. Sometime we made customization in our content on the basis of these cookies.

If you don’t like to reveal your privacy and to keep it confidential then you are fully allowed to change the setting of your browser. We recommend you should not disable cookies for all sites because it may interfere while browsing different sites which don’t allow blocking cookies. So in this regard, you should disable or enable cookies per site. There are various kinds of setting for every browser, so consult your browser admin to learn how to disable and cookies and stop your privacy to reveal.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a service introduced by the Google which we use to track to know how many visitors have visited our site, their locations and technology they are using while visiting our site. All this data we can collect easily by registering on Google analytics. This is really very difficult if we collect it personally. It also helps us to know which type of content on our site is going more popular.

Further you may visit the following link to read the Google’s on privacy policy.

Advertising Cookies also use banners and advertising ads of various companies like Google Adsense, and other affiliate marketing sites like Amazon and click bank etc. Cookies play an important part to track the information and allow Google to display their ads according to the cookies info. Like this user always gets the relevant ads according to its search.

You may also visit this page to know how Google use cookies to display their banners.


If you have any question regarding our privacy policy then you may contact us, we’ll try our best to reply you as soon as possible.