Edgy Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Short Hairstyles for Round Faces is also one of the most popular and trendy ways to enhance the beauty of your hair.

Do people around you always pull your cheeks and call you ‘baby face’? Do they say that you have got innocent looks, but your personality is just the opposite – crazy and wild?

Short Blonde Haircuts for Round Faces
Short Blonde Haircuts for Round Faces

If it has been happening since the day you came into this world, has never stopped, and you are one hundred percent sure that it never will, then there are high chances you have got a round face.

We bet you have had long hair since forever to hide the shape of your face. We also know that you have had a dream to chop your hair off short, but you were never sure if it could give you satisfaction.

Don’t worry. We have the two most flattering short hairstyles for round faces that you will look gorgeous in and hide your face’s shape. Let’s take a look!

A Bob – Simple and Short

A short and straightforward bob is one of the best usual options to choose your hairstyle. You can add layers and textures to give depth and volume to your hair.

Bob Hairstyle for Short Hair
Bob Hairstyle for Short Hair

The short hairstyle for a round face can also provide a mysterious look if you wish to style bangs and fringes along with middle or side parting.

Many hairstyles can be made within the bob, like a braid on one side or a cute little bun. Sparkly earrings and a necklace will grab people’s attention.

A Pixie – Tapered and Long Bangs

If you are a working woman – at home or office – this cut is ideally your fit. A pixie is a short hairstyle for round faces that takes less than two minutes to style. It is tapered tightly at the back with long bangs in the front.

Short Pixie Haircut for Round Faces
Short Pixie Haircut for Round Faces

It takes the shape of the head while giving an impression to your gorgeous rounded face. A plus is that you will have more time to spare for makeup. Wear a winged eyeliner, blush, highlighter, and dark lipstick to give yourself a modern look.

Bob is the most modern, trendy, and classy hairstyle that any woman with a round face can try. These are the best short hairstyles of round faces that women who have less time to spare on their hair.

The key is the maintenance of bob and pixie. Chopping off your hair doesn’t mean not taking care of them. Short hair indeed demands more attention and care than long and medium-length hair.

Adding to this, various short hairstyles for round faces can be tried on a bob and a pixie.

Braids, buns, pony-tails, backcombing and poufs, etc. Dying the layers or highlighting them the opposite shade of your natural hair can add some creativeness to your look.

Curls, loose waves, and ringlets can be done using a flat iron. Wearing a nice outfit, shoes, and less makeup can make you look beautiful for any event you will be heading to. It’s time for you to try.

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