Best Pixie Bob Haircut You Must Try Now

Pixie Bob Haircut will always make you look a lot younger than you can imagine. No matter, how old you get.

They say that you have a great sense of fashion if you pull off short hair, especially fairies. So, what are you thinking? Trying out a new haircut at any age is never too late. 

Pixies are also a great way to show off your face cut and jawline. Have you seen models and celebrities nowadays?

They have best bob and pixie haircuts because it makes them look modern and lovely. Whether your hair is thin or thick, pixies are for both hair types. You should try one from our mesmerizing list below.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

The type of pixie cuts that every woman usually gets is asymmetrical. It has side-swept edgy bangs combed at either side.

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircut
Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircut

This best works if you have a round face. You can dye your hair and add highlights or lowlights for a creative look.

Tapered Pixie Bob

A type of bob haircut that has layers and textures to add depth. If you have thin hair, the layers will add volume to your hair. It has side-swept bangs with a messy look. You can show off your ear piercing and winged eyeliner with this cut.

Framed Pixie Bob Haircut

A type of pixie hairstyle and bob haircut that adds a frame to your face. It is also best for round faces as it has long, edgy hair on the ends of each side till your jawline.


You can add layers or leave them at the same length

Framed Pixie Bob Cut
Framed Pixie Bob Cut

by your choice. This gives a more feminine look that is quite professional as well.

Long and Faded Pixie

A type of best bob and pixie haircut that has long edgy side-swept bang till your jawline. The other side has hair that is half faded. It adds movement and flow to the haircut. It is a modern cut that everyone isn’t able to pull off. So, if you have a cute little face, this is your style.

Long and Faded Pixie
Long and Faded Pixie

These are the ultra four modern and stylish haircuts ideas of bob and pixie hair for you to try this year. You must be thinking, what about the women who have curly hair? They can’t opt for a fairy. That is not true if you have curly hair.

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Make sure you measure the right length because the hairdresser washes your hair when you are getting a haircut.

So, the curls will be short for a pixie. If you have straight or wavy hair, you need to know the right length. You also need to know which products to use to take care of your pixie bob haircut.

Once you master the art of taking care of your fairy, you will look more confident and sophisticated than ever.

A modern look also gets you a job with a high pay scale, so make sure you learn easy ways to handle your hair. Good luck!

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