10 Best Ivy League Haircuts for Men to Try Nowadays

Ivy League Haircuts have been dapper for men from the beginning, making them look quite appealing.

Every celebrity like this haircut because it is modern and a short cut with slightly longer hair from the top.

Ivy League Haircuts and Trends
Ivy League Haircuts and Trends

The length of the hair from the sides can differ for each man depending on their level of satisfaction. Let’s take a look at the latest haircuts for this year.

Here is the List of 10 Best Ivy League Haircuts

  1. Long messy Princeton cut
  2. Short and Side Swept
  3. Ivy League Haircut Fade
  4. Curly Ivy League Hair
  5. Layered Ivy League Hair Trends
  6. An Undercut Ivy League Hairstyles
  7. Smooth Comb Over
  8. Peppy Shag Haircut
  9. Pompadour Ivy League Haircut
  10. Silky and V-shaped Ivy League Haircut
V Shaped Ivy League Hairstyles
V Shaped Ivy League Hairstyles

These are all the types of Ivy League hairstyles that are similar to each other.

Whether you have a receding hairline or not, this is a modern cut that will make you look professional and a gentleman.

The essential aspect of this cut is to remember that it is a clean hairstyle for every type of hair, be it straight, wavy or curly. However, it is not for men who wish to grow their hair long.

The truth is that this is a short haircut with different styles. You can choose the style from the above options and tell your hairdresser.

The hair has volume on the top. To add some creativity, you can add textures and layers. The hair is combed either to one side or backwards with neatness.

The sides and back can be either shaved off completely or give a faded look. The difference between the top and sides has to be at least 2 inches from each other.

A beard will give you a more classy, modern and sleek look. If you are hairy with bushy eyebrows and a thick beard, you should prefer short or faded cut from the sides, leaving the top with volume.

Otherwise, a thin beard, normal hair on the brows is balanced with an Ivy League haircut levelled. Make sure you take care of your beard as well.

Long Messy Princeton Ivy Haircuts with Beard
Long Messy Princeton Ivy Haircuts with Beard

The beard complements this hairstyle and gives a frame to your face cut. Your beard should be just as clean as your Ivy League hair.

The best thing about this look is that you can pull it off in any type of event, either casual, official or formal. Also, whatever outfit you wear, this haircut will go with it.

We guarantee you get an Ivy League haircuts. Every man will look at you. You will be an example of a man who knows how to carry himself and take care of his hair despite his busy schedule and life.

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