23 Elegant Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Hairstyles for Thick Hair is one of the most popular and best hairstyles for all those girls who wanna wear a Fresh look in these days. Here we are presenting the best 23 collections of these hairstyles.

The good thing about having thick hair is that there are various hairstyles options for one to experiment with, be it an up-do, a half updo, or loose curls.

The volume, length, and texture of our hair all of these factors have a significant impact on our choice of hairstyles for thick hair.

Bouffant Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Be it a classic beehive or a wavy bouffant with thick hair. You just need to lift the roots with a bit of backcombing and hair spray.

Bouffant Hairstyles for Thick Hair
Bouffant Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Once you have achieved high hair on your head, there are endless possibilities for the strands falling on your shoulders. You can opt for straight hair, waves, or simply blow out the rest of the hair in loose curls.

The Messy Bun

Casual, quick, and hassle-free, these three words perfectly describe a messy bun.

When you are short of time and ideas on how to style your hair for a beach or even a lady’s night out, go for the messy bun updo. It’s chic and perfectly complements high street trends in fashion.

The Top Knot

The top knot on half-up hair looks highly stylish and trendy, plus it is super quick and easy to do.

Top Knot Bun Hair for Thick Hairstyles
Top Knot Bun Hair for Thick Hairstyles

Simply take a section of hair, pull back from the temples, ties it up and knot it into a top knot bun, secure with pins and a dash of hair spray.

Celtic Knot

The Celtic knot gives a very detailed look when created with pulled-back half-up hair. The knot is pretty easy for all the hairstyles for thick hair to create with just a little practice.

Braided Ponytail

Not only are braids fun but also very feminine. Fusing braids with other hairdos gives a very feminine yet stylish look. Try the chic yet straightforward braided ponytail.

Braided Ponytail Hair for Young Girls
Braided Ponytail Hair for Young Girls

This look can be accomplished using many variations, such as a low braided pony resting at the nape.

Braid a side pony over the shoulder or a braided high pony for those hot summer days. With a ponytail, you can experiment with many variations in hairstyles for thick hair.

Crown Braid

The crown braid gives a soft and very romantic look. You can flaunt a single crown braid around your head or a double braid o even a variation such as Dutch crown braid looks very classy.

Ponytail with Three Ply Twists

This is a very feminine and demure hairstyle. Although it might look like a complicated hairdo, it’s very easy to achieve. The three-ply ponytail is perfect for cocktail and barbeque parties etc.

Twisted Updo

The twisty hair updo looks extremely graceful with long thick hair.

It is a safe, go-to hairstyle for any formal occasion.

Braided Chignon

One of the most elegant updos for thick hair is the graceful braided chignon. It is perfect for weddings, formal dinners, or a fancy date night.

Sleek Straight Hair Down

Not in a mood for an updo, half updo, or curls? Go for the timeless, sleek, and straight hair look.

Sleek Straight Haircuts
Sleek Straight Haircuts

All you need is a hair straightener and hair mousse.

The Hair Bow, Half updo

The hair bow half updo is highly trendy and charming. There can be many variations to this hairstyle, like creating a hair bow on the top of the head or a side hair bow and not just on the back.

A High Fishtail Braid

This sassy and extremely edgy fish braid is a fashion statement. This is a very stylish way of styling thick long hair.

Bun with Curls

A fusion of curls and hair bun results in a very soft and feminine look. It’s an elegant way to style your thick hair. You can add a hair accessory of your choice for a statement.

Pinwheel Braided Hairstyle

Go for this offbeat braided hairstyle if you want to keep your thick hair in place with style.

Although the pinwheel braid is a beginner-level hairstyle, the finish can be achieved with practice.

Vintage Ponytail

This timeless look can be achieved easily by a bit of backcombing.

Vintage Ponytail Hair
Vintage Ponytail Hair

The voluminous ponytail looks retro with a ribbon bow.

Low Pony Fishtail

Sway the look by combining a fish braid with a low pony and an excellent hair accessory. The look is hassled-free, yes sophisticated.

Waterfall Half Updo

In this half updo, you weave a diagonal, horizontal, or a circle plait throughout your loose hair, while the strands that flow through the weave look like a waterfall.

Vintage Curls for Thick Hair

The vintage waves would give you a glamorous look for the evening.

Vintage Curls
Vintage Curls

Use plenty of hair spray for long-lasting waves.

High Pony

A regular high pony with a part of hair wrapped around a braid or twisted hair strands and a statement headband to create the perfect retro-chic look. It is one of the quick and easy hairstyles for thick hair.

Braided and Pinned

Of the entire classic updo hairstyles for thick hair, the braided pinned updo is the most elegant and easy to do.

To make an updo with thick hair last longer, it’s best to divide hair into manageable, separate sections before pinning it up in an updo.

This braided pinned updo is an example of such an updo. Simply divide hair into four to five sections, braid each section, twist and pin up each section.

A braid framing the face is another exciting variation of hairstyles for thick hair. Try a face-framing braid to highlight your face shape and features.

Inverted Dutch Braid

This version of Dutch braid is flimsy and casual. It’s the perfect hairdo to flaunt with a flared summer dress.

Half Bun

Flaunt the casual look with an easy and quick half updo hair bun. Take a section of hair at the crown and tie it with a rubber band.

Half Bun Medium Hair
Half Bun Medium Hair

Now either braids the section or twists it and coil tightly, creating a hair bun. Finish it off by pining it up.

Bandana Tuck in

If you love hairstyles from the vintage ’60s, give this easy bandana tuck-in hairstyle a try. Tuck hair strands into a bandana for a feminine rolled-up hairstyle and secure the ends with a bobby pin.

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