Best Winter Nail Inspiration and Trends to Follow

Cold winter Nail Inspiration days don’t have to mean gloomy nails too. Here are some inspiring nail ideas for the winter season to keep your nails looking their best even in the chilliest of weather.

1. Natural Nudes

For an understated and timeless look, try natural nudes. This muted color will add subtlety and sophistication to your winter style and the muted tone prevents a clashing outfit.

Natural Nudes nails and Arts

2. Glitter

Glitter is the perfect way to sparkle up a winter outfit. The festive season is the perfect time to embrace a little glitz and glam. Try something sparkling, such as a glittery nail that is sure to make a statement and catch the eye of fellow glitter enthusiasts.

3. Hot Tips

For something a little more daring and eye-catching, try hot tips! These festive-themed nails pair the bold hues of the holiday season with cool silver accents for a striking combination. This one-of-a-kind mani is sure to grab all the attention this winter.

4. Monochrome

A monochrome mani is stylish, low maintenance, and easy to do. Try a matching top and bottom coat in blacks, whites, and grays for a bold yet chic look that won’t go out of style.

Monochrome nail designs

5. Dark Colors

Nothing says winter like deep, dark colors. Try a deep chocolate brown for a classic look that will keep your hands fashionable during the winter months. Or why not add a pop of color with a deep purple, navy, or burgundy for a bold statement?

6. Nail Art

Make your mani festive with some winter-themed nail art. Try snowflakes, snowmen, seasonal greenery, holiday characters, icicles, or any other snowy or festive designs to give your nails a unique flair this winter.

7. Holiday Nails

If you’re feeling festive, try one of the many holiday-themed manicures out there. Whether you go with sparkly reindeer, classic Christmas stripes, or even a snowman, you’re sure to find a perfect match for your holiday look.

holiday nails inspo and Arts

Graze the Color Palette for Your Winter Nail Inspiration

Winter’s nails tend to feature more muted tones and darker shades. But don’t let that stop you from playing around with multiple color combinations that give you a stunning winter nail look. Here’s some winter nail inspiration to help you get started:

8. Muted Brown

A classic brown shade with a hint of purple evokes a feeling of warmth and serenity, perfect for cold winter nights. If you’re going for this look, choose a brown shade that’s slightly darker than your natural nail color, and then just add a hint of the purplish shade to make the nails stand out.

9. Blue and Silver

A combination of blue and silver hues will make your winter nails pop. Go for a bold blue for the base coat and then finish off with a metallic silver accent. This look is perfect for special occasions and sure to turn a few heads!

10. Shimmer White

When it comes to winter nails, you can’t go wrong with white. Plus, it’s a no-fail color that will pair nicely with any outfit. To spruce up the traditional white nail, try adding a hint of shimmer and shimmery silver accents. It’s stunning, subtle, and perfect for the winter season.

11. Glitter Gradient

Bring out your inner mermaid with this glitter-filled look. Choose a lighter base coat and then combine multiple shades of glitter to make a shimmery gradient. It’s a unique and playful look that will get heads turning!

12. Silver French Tip

If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant look, then you can’t go wrong with a classic french tip. Go for a cool silver shade for the tip, and pale pink for the base. This look is subtle but still adds a nice finishing touch to any outfit.

13. Ombre

An ombre look can take any winter outfit to the next level. Choose darker shades like deep blues, maroons, and purples, and pair them with a lighter accent color at the base. This look is subtle yet dramatic and perfect for any winter event.

Winter’s nails don’t have to be dull or boring. With these winter nail inspiration ideas, you can have fun and experiment with different color combinations to get a stunning look. So grab your favorite shades and start painting!


Stay stylish this winter with one of these fun and fashionable nail ideas! Whether you go for natural nudes, glitter, hot tips, dark colors, nail art, or holiday nails, you’re sure to make a statement this winter. With so many options, find the one that best suits your style and rock it!