Awesome Medium Short Haircuts with Bangs

Medium Short Haircuts with Bangs For those of us who aren’t into super-long locks are a great way to score plenty of style points.

Whether you prefer a side-swept fringe or a full-on curtain fringe, medium-short haircuts have everything:

Medium Short Haircuts with Bangs


    • Low-maintenance: With fewer strands to comb and style, medium short haircuts are easy to manage and fuss-free.


    • Flattering: Medium short hair is universally flattering and will go with virtually any face shape.


    • Fabulous: With the right cut, a medium-short cut can go from day to night in no time.


Common Medium Short Haircuts with Bangs

    • Choppy Lob with Fringe: For a slightly edgy and tousled look, get a medium-length lob with a long fringe.


    • Long Bob with Bangs: This classic cut is characterized by a long bob cut with long layers and side or full bangs.


    • Textured Pixie Cut with Fringe: Short, wispy layers and a long fringe will create a soft and airy look.


    • Shaggy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs: A shaggy bob with tousled layers and side-swept bangs is a winning combination.

Best Medium Shag Haircuts with Bangs

Tips for Styling Medium Short Hair with Bangs

    • Use a Diffuser: A diffuser can help to create volume and movement in your style and help to keep your fringe looking bouncy and full.


    • Skip the Hair Dryer: If you don’t want to heat-style your hair, you can instead use a spritz of sea salt spray, mousse, or gel to add texture and a bit of definition to your bangs.


    • Keep it Healthy: Your hair will look and feel healthier if you use a good quality shampoo and conditioner and take good care of your locks.


Medium short haircuts with bangs offer tons of style potential and are bound to draw plenty of compliments. With the right cut, styling, and products, you can create a hairstyle that is easy to manage and looks fabulous. So why not take the plunge and get the perfect haircut?

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